Kelbe images have been taken by a husband and wife team. We have been diving from 1981 but have only been taking photographs since 2003. The initial camera was the Nikonos V with a 35 mm lens. We embraced the digital age early and moved to a Canon 10D with a 100 mm macro lens. One of only 2 givers using Canon at the time. The camera was shared between the two of us. We now have 2 cameras, housed in Seacam housings, with Seacam Flashes. The same cameras are used for wildlife and general photography. Our interest lie mainly with underwater photography and wildlife though we are becoming more involved with studio work and fashion as our children are getting older and are in the fashion business.



We are part of the Zululand Photographic Community and our mentor is Thys van der Merwe, our friends such as Eugene Viljoen provide added incentives and inspiration, though Eugene now spends more time these days singing than holding a camera. The best part of diving are the friends you make when you dive.

Thys Van Dr Merwe